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  • Dell Shows the Way
    Michael Dell is the epitome of success via the sell direct model. Despite the odds, this classic selling style has worked well for the company, Dell Computers selling PCs in a market of cut-throat competition. "Walking-the- Talk", Dell's amazing success story is really about taking a simple selling idea and making it work despite the intense competition in a commodity marketplace. Tons have been said about this man but his demeanour in real-life is truly compelling.

  • Working With People
    In order to get along with people at the workplace, you must be prepared to work on your personal social skills. It's not surprising then that improving on our human relations with fellow workers will enhance better all-round sense of collective interest and mutual well-being in the work environment. In this day and age, people still respond better to the idea of collaboration and cooperation rather than to unkind and unnecessary drama and conflict situations.

  • The Value of Continuous Training
    Training is fast becoming an activity where people go out to learn and bring back information to the workplace. That's because organisations are beginning to understand that the dynamics and flow of intellectual capital demand richer context. Change is an accepted norm in this new equation.

  • Enhancing Business Value
    Business value is measured by focusing on income. Put another way, you can improve the value of your business by increasing earnings and cash flow. Thus, business value can be achieved by sustaining the quality of earnings and cash flow.

  • Visionary Insights from the Xerox Experience
    To the uninitiated, talking to Dr John Seely Brown is like going through a mental stress programme. Emphatic, deep, precise and measured, Dr Brown speaks a tongue that leaves his audience with a sense of profound understanding that is both unsettling and reassuring.

  • A SunONE Case Study Implementation
    Focus: Case Study about Singapore's SunONE e-government initiative, including the reasons behind the system's implementation, the major challenges of implementation and current/future benefits of the system for Singapore government and citizens.

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