Introduction to our FAQs

Not everyone has worked with an editorial services firm before. So, you are not sure what to expect, the approach take, and just what to do - when dealing with an editorial services provider such as Editorial Thoughtscapes.

Yes, you know exactly what you require from your marketing collaterals and company literature. Now, your concerns are natural: you want to know right away whether the editorial services provider - that you wish to hire - will be sensitive to your company's needs when crafting your key messages.

Thus, before you take a decision to hire outside help from an outsourcing agent like Editorial Thoughtscapes, you prefer to learn more about our editorial outlook. In essence, you need to know our firm, our attitude, our business philosophy, our experience, and our capabilities.

Yes, we seek to deliver value and quality to each editorial assignment or project that we collaborate with you, our client. We aspire to build a lasting professional business relationship based on mutual trust, goodwill and innovative ideas. At Editorial Thoughtscapes, we focus to help you communicate ideas your way.

So, we have put together a list of Questions-and-Answers that we hope will help you gain a better understanding of how we work. Our objective is simple. We want to work with you to help you create, design and publish marketing collaterals that will make a positive difference to your bottom line.

Here are answers to the questions most frequently asked about Editorial Thoughtscapes.

  1. Who will benefit from the content found at

  2. Why are so many of the articles in PDF?

  3. What's your experience and how can you value-add to my business?

  4. OK, so how much do you charge?

  5. Why do you require 50% non-refundable deposit?

  6. Is there an alternative you can provide me with if I can't afford your copywriting services?

  7. Why should I let you edit my work?

  8. How long will it take for you to deliver the copy?

  9. If I have a rush job, can you still help me?

  10. I already have an in-house writer, why should I hire you?

  11. OK, I'm convinced. So, how do I hire your expertise?



  1. What is
  2. is the online editorial showcase for Editorial Thoughtscapes' writing and editing capabilities.

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  3. Who will benefit from the content found at
    Companies or individuals who are looking for professional help or outsourcing partners, will find this website's editorial showcase useful as a point of reference.

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  4. Why are so many of the articles in PDF?
    Because of our objective of providing information at fast access speeds, our site is optimised for dialup downloads. Thus, our articles are displayed as summarised briefs. Once you have decided that you want to read more, we encourage downloads so that you can keep it for your own reference.

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  5. What's your experience and how can you value-add to my business?
    Businesses have a critical concern when it comes to outsourcing copywriting work and content creation. You want to know that your outsourced copywriter or copy editor understands your product and your industry well enough - so that he or she can write about it clearly yet simply. What's more? To convince your target audience, your customers and prospects - that this will benefit them by solving their problem when they buy your product (a solution to them).

    It's a fact that complexity is increasing across all industries and product lines. A true copywriter is firstly a good listener. He asks lots of questions which helps him to learn and discover and thus discern the various facets that shape the character and qualities of your product or offering.

    In short, the copywriter truly needs to understand what your message means. He can then shape and share your ideas with just the right words that communicate the benefits gained from using your solution. In that sense, the need to fully comprehend your industry is understandably supplied by you. And then, the creative copywriter will pattern or sculpt the words to fit your key message. This communicates and helps to deliver your value-add: a solution that solves a real customer's problem. That's all.

    Also, the copywriter can do more. Where there's a need to gather more information, the copywriter will take the time to research further about that particular point. What's more that he needs to know to help craft the right message? Very often, a good copywriter can bring a bigger perspective to your marketing efforts, one that you may have overlooked because of your obvious proximity and closeness to the product.

    To answer the question directly, our experience and value-add is from an end-user perspective as we have a track record of being hands-on editorial people and content creators.

    As former business and trade editors and copywriters, we have worked with broad industry verticals. We have learnt how to collaborate proactively with our customers to create content that is reader-friendly. Yes, we have been creating content for the print media, brochures, white papers, press releases, business and technology articles, supplements and reviews and for websites. We update our customers at every milestone in the project life-cycle. In fact, because of our constant updates, we often get the copy written just the way you like it.

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  6. OK, so how much do you charge?

    We understand that for most businesses, cost is one of the biggest considerations when hiring an outsourced copywriter.

    Each project we undertake has its own unique requirements. Depending on your specific requirements, copywriting fees may be substantial. This is not to say that good copywriting is expensive. Because prices will vary based on the needs and marketing budget of each client, we need to know exactly what your requirements are, so that we can quote you a fair price.

    Just imagine that the copywriter's work helps you to get your message across to your target market, and boosts your profits by say 5, 10, or even 20 percent. Wouldn't that be well worth the copywriter's fee? Just remember this fact: a well-written copy can increase your sales, and sometimes more than doubling the response to your marketing efforts.

    Our goal at Editorial Thoughtscapes is simple: Communicating Ideas Your Way. We deliver our value-add by helping you with "the big picture outlook" to help you with a complete solution. Our firm does not charge by the hour. Instead, we will charge you for each project that we accept and collaborate upon.

    Our service policy is a proactive one that is mutually beneficial to both our client and our firm. When we accept your project and collaborate with you to create a value-added editorial solution, our work will commence upon receipt of a non-refundable 50 percent deposit.

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  7. Why do you require 50% non-refundable deposit?

    The 50 percent non-refundable deposit is our standard charge, which shows the serious commitment for both parties, our firm and our client. By the time we send you the first copy draft, we would have reached the halfway point in the project life-cycle. The copy draft may already be used by you at this stage.

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  8. Is there an alternative you can provide me with if I can't afford your copywriting services?

    Yes, we can. In fact, one of our more popular services is copyediting. And our copyediting fee is only a fraction of the copywriting costs. To find out more about our copyediting service, just send us an email.

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  9. Why should I let you edit my work?

    Good editing comes with editorial insight and experience. As former trade magazine editors, we have seen and edited many articles and stories from people - from many different organisations - for clarity.

    A good editor is not just good at English grammar. A good editor will make your writing sparkle and shine. A good editor will know just what you are trying to convey in your message. And then help you to say it the way you want to say it. With simplicity, brevity and style. That's the real value-add of a good editor: to make your message more appealing, and thus more memorable.

    A good editor understands that the carefully chosen words will bring your point across to your audience or miss the point completely.

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  10. How long will it take for you to deliver the copy?

    Again, that depends on the nature of the project. Before we take on a job, we need to know as much as we can so as to fully understand the scope of the project and the time constraints within which we will have to work with.

    Ideally, we would like plenty of time to polish and enhance the quality of your copy. This includes ample time to take several fresh looks at the finished copy before we hand it over to you for your evaluation and comments. On average, it is fair to say that a 2-3 page copy may take 4 to 5 working days to complete.

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  11. If I have a rush job, can you still help me?

    Again, it depends on the type of project, your deadline, your ability to make the 50 percent deposit, and our present commitments. The best thing to do is to email us and we'll talk about it. We will not promise you something that we cannot accomplish. That's simply not our style.

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  12. I already have an in-house writer, why should I hire you?

    You may have an in-house writer who is responsible for writing all your company's literature or marketing collaterals. Your writer may be swamped with lots of work and deadline pressures. When his workload is overwhelming and you cannot afford to miss an important editorial commitment, you may need outside help. Here's where we can help you meet your needs.

    For instance, you may wish to hire our copyediting service where we charge a modest fee for editing your draft copy produced by your in-house writer. This will mean that you enjoy the benefits of getting a second opinion.

    Also, you may wish to farm out the editorial projects that require a "big picture perspective" and a different creative approach than what your in-house writer can produce because of the multi-tasking assignments that he has to deliver under normal circumstances.

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  13. OK, I'm convinced. So, how do I hire your expertise?

    Thank you for your confidence in our abilities to service you. Now, all you need to do is email us with as much information as possible. We will contact you promptly, and then, fix an appointment to meet at your office.

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