Feature Articles:
  • Knowledge Management
    Long before the pervasive deployment of IT, the celebrated writer who lived in 17th century, Sir Francis Bacon aptly defined that "knowledge is power." Three centuries later, that eloquent, three-word exhortation is even more relevant. And simply because we tend to be overwhelmed today by a vast jungle of information, much more than we can handle - and not much sensible knowledge!

  • Software in the Middle
    Middleware has emerged as a critical second level of the enterprise IT infrastructure. The need for middleware stems from growth in the number of applications, in the customisations within those applications and in the number of locations in our computing environments.

  • Profitable Knowledge from Data
    Jargons proliferate in the database jungle. These arise from the business transactions and the logical connections needed to keep track, manage and correlate data - and then, refine the data to impact decision making. Discover more as we follow the route where data becomes strategic information.

  • Mobile Computing
    How is mobility transforming the modern corporation into a dynamic enterprise that is in-sync with a global market perspective? To prepare for the changing circumstances which will impact the increasingly mobile workforce, each organisation needs to understand the value that mobile computing brings.

  • Consolidation Benefits
    Business pressures are driving a mature technology solution known as server consolidation. Today, it is not surprising to observe more and more businesses consolidating their processes, operations and systems -- so as to empower and enable the enterprise to compete more effectively and efficiently in the global marketplace. This article deals with the practical issues concerning server consolidation.

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